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Woman complaining of diarrhea has pen lodged in stomach… From 25 years ago!

The British Medical Journal reports that an elderly woman referred for weightloss and diarrhea was discovered to have a felt tip pen lodged in her stomach. When they questioned her, she remembered accidentally swallowing the pen 25 years earlier! If you think that’s crazy, wait till you hear this. Her doctor husband dismissed the whole thing.

The pen was removed to avoid perforation of the stomach through an ear, nose and throat procedure and the pen still works.

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Arizona Man Impales Eye with Pruning Shears

Leroy Luetscher Sheers Through the Eye

An Arizona man is lucky to be alive after he accidentally impaled his eye socket with a pair of pruning shears, doctors said Monday.

Leroy Luetscher, 86, was gardening outside his Green Valley home on July 30 when the horrifying accident took place.

He dropped the shears and they landed blade side in the ground. But when Luetscher went to pick them up, he stumbled and fell face down onto the gardening tool’s handle.

An incredible CT scan, released by the University Medical Center, shows the handle puncturing Luetscher’s eye socket and reaching down into his neck.

He was rushed to the hospital with half of the shears sticking out of his head. Surgeons were eventually able to remove the shears and save his eye.

Luetscher has some swelling in his eyelids and minor double vision, but he is amazingly expected to make a full recovery, according to doctors.

via NY Daily News

Jewel Thief Swallows Ring

Jewel Thief Swallows Ring

Jewel Thief Put on 72 Hour Toilet Watch

Simon Hooper, 28, wanted to propose to his girlfriend but was a little short on cash so he swallowed a $4000 engagement ring while the jeweler looked away. Police spoted the ring in an x-ray but had to put the thief under “toilet watch” until the platinum ring “emerged” three days later.

A Kiss from the Inside

X-ray Kiss from Wim Delvoye

Artist Wim Delvoye x-rayed friends coated in a barium solution for his series Kiss. This is one of the awesome images.

Keeps Going and Going and Going…

Vibrator Rectral Foreign Body X-ray

This guy came into the ER with his girlfriend complaining of “abdominal pain” but when the nurse listened to his stomach with a stethescope she heard this vibrator still running.

Gruesome Nail Gun Murder

Nail Gun Murder

Anthony Liu was found dead by the Georges River in Sydney, Australia in 2008 by two kids on a canoeing trip. It doesn’t take a coroner to see that he was killed by being shot in the head repeatedly with a high-powered nail gun. Thirty-four times. Authorities released this X-ray and asked the public for information about missing or stolen nail guns.